Neuropsychological Evaluation: Assessing Cognitive Functioning

Purpose of Neuropsychological Evaluation which can include:

  • Evaluating for dementia

  • Distinguishing cognitive/neurobehavioral difficulties from normal aging

  • Differentiating between neurological and psychiatric syndromes (e.g. dementia vs. depression)

  • Assessing cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning related to Central Nervous System (CNS) abnormalities, injury or impairment as well as identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses so as to assist in treatment planning.

  • Assessing so as to establish cognitive baseline after Central Nervous System (CNS) injury or disease (e.g. Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury).

  • Monitoring progression, recovery and/ or response to treatments with respect to their cognitive, mood and behavioral functioning in patients with Central Nervous System (CNS) disease or disorder (e.g. progression of dementia; monitoring cognitive recovery after stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury; monitoring effectiveness of interventions or treatments).

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What Does Neuropsychological Evaluation Entail?

A neuropsychological evaluation is an in-depth, comprehensive assessment that evaluates the brain functions of an individual. It is a non-invasive, paper-and-pencil test assessing various cognitive domains as well as emotional functioning and includes the following:

  • Intellectual (IQ) Functioning

  • Academic Achievement (if appropriate)

  • Verbal/Language Skills

  • Visuospatial and Perceptual Organizational skills

  • Memory and Learning

  • Attention and Concentration

  • Frontal/Executive Functioning (higher-level cognitive functions such as problem-solving, planning, mental flexibility, and organization).

  • Emotional Functioning

Process of Neuropsychological Evaluation

Initial Interview (Gathering of background information including review of medical records + interview with patient and family, if applicable).

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Neuropsychological Testing (Can take 1 to 2 sessions depending on the individual's unique situation).

Dr. Myling Sumanti, PhD

Feedback and Report (Review of findings and recommendations after completion of neuropsychological testing. Report will be provided 1 week after the feedback).

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